Pet Safety

Hurricanes: Preparedness & Evacuation Plan For Dog Parents

Hurricane season in the US usually lasts from June to November, and it’s important to prepared for an emergency and possible evacuation with a plan that includes your pets. If you live in an area where hurricanes are known to hit, keep yourself, your family, and your dogs safe.

by Mike Clark
July 6th

4th Of July: 5 Things You Should Do To Keep Your Dog Safe

More dogs go missing on the 4th of July than any other day of the year. With all the noisy fireworks, loud parties, and distractions, it’s no wonder so many pooches bolt and get lost on Independence Day. Following a few safety tips will help keep your dog safe.

by Higgins
July 2nd

Dr. Mahaney’s Top 5 Safety Tips For Pet Parents On The 4th Of July

Yes, the 4th of July holiday looms, as does the possibility your pet will suffer stress, trauma, or illness associated with the festivities. How can your pet catch a break and stay healthy? You, the responsible caretaker, must educate yourself on the holiday’s hazards and proactively prepare!

by DogTime
July 1st

What To Do If You See A Dog In A Hot Car

If you see a dog locked in a hot car, you’ll probably want to do something to save that pup. Before you immediately start smashing windows, there are some things you should know, including what is legal and illegal in your area.

by Mike Clark
June 29th

Tornado Preparedness And Safety Tips For Dog Parents

Tornadoes are one of the most destructive storms that households have to manage. It is not surprising that pets find this type of storm particularly stressful to experience. Here are a few things you should know about creating a tornado preparedness plan that includes your dog.

by Jackie Shelton, Owner of Top Dog Vitamins
June 25th

Keep The Peace: 8 Tips For Being A Good Dog Neighbor

If you’re a dog parent and lover of all things canine, the burden is on you to keep peace in the neighborhood — or at least keep your dog from becoming a burden on others. You can avoid ill feelings and confrontations with these tips for being a good dog neighbor!

by Jasmine Patel
June 14th

5 Key Steps To Safely Introduce Your Dog To A Bearded Dragon

Dogs are humans’ best friends. But, can a dog be best friends with a bearded dragon too? Fortunately, if you’re planning to introduce your dog to a bearded dragon, there are steps you can take to promote a lasting friendship while keeping both animals safe.

by Johnathan David
June 11th

How To Plan A Comfy, Safe Room For A New Dog In Your Home

Leaving your pet home alone every day can be challenging for both of you. However, having a dog room ensures that your pet is safe, entertained, and comfortable. Your canine friend is not picky, so you can use a crate or a small room in the house.

by Kevin Nelson
June 10th
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