Fur Laughs: Watch 9 Funny, Summer-Loving Dogs Floating In The Pool [VIDEOS]

Dog Floating

(Picture Credit: photo by Robbie Augspurger/Getty Images)

Spring has come to an end, and summer is here again. It’s a time when we start wearing shorts with tank tops, having weekend barbecues in the backyard, and spending time by the pool.

Speaking of spending time by the pool, if you’re a pet parent, you know you may not be the only one who enjoys time soaking up some sunshine in the water. In fact, we’ve found some cute canines who love floating around in the water and relaxing.

Here are nine videos of funny, cute, summer-loving dogs floating in the pool.

1. Pomeranian Loves Naps In The Pool

In this quick video, a cute little Pomeranian drifts around in her own water float provided by her mom. Not only does this pup have a nice raft to lounge on; she has her own bed on top, too, to make it extra comfy.

It’s a short but soothing clip of a pup falling in and out of sleep, fully relaxed — and we’re all jealous!

2. Two Great Danes Keeping It Chill

Katie and Max are two Great Dane siblings who love summertime. That’s because they get to spend their days in the pool and relax. Katie especially loves to lean into her water float while spending time with her brother Max.

It’s a quick video, but it makes us all want to buy water floats of our own and relax in the pool.

3. Boxer Fights With Inflatable Peacock

During the summers in Australia, it can get extremely hot. That’s why cooling off at the beach or in the pool is almost an absolute necessity.

This particular family loves spending time in the pool with their beloved Boxer. We watch as he playfully wrestles with the inflatable peacock’s head.

It’s a hilarious showing that even makes his family laugh.

4. Springer Spaniel Loves Her Floating Water Tube

There’s just something about the pool at summertime that can put us into a nice, relaxed state. Take this Springer Spaniel, for instance. She doesn’t just like her water tube; she loves her water tube.

She’s so chilled out that she leans back with her tongue in the breeze while her mom playfully spins her around.

If you want to know what relaxation looks like, then watch this clip!

5. Dog Just Wants To Get His Ball

Not all dogs want to just lie on a water float all day, but some might find other uses for a raft. This Labrador Retriever, for example, needs his ball back. Finding it floating in the pool, he realizes he can use the water float to help him retrieve it.

With some encouragement from his mom, he tries to maneuver the float towards his ball. It’s a struggle at first until its finally in his grasp.

This isn’t just a video of a dog and his love for his toy, but a showing of determination and perseverance. Way to go pup!

6. Not A Care In The World For This Husky

If you want to know what it looks like to not have a care in the world, then look no further. This quick clip shows you what relaxation looks like with this beautiful Husky. Covered in a floating life jacket, the pooch floats around with total ease.

I know there are some of us who wish we could relax just like that!

7. Golden Retrievers Love To Relax

Lucky and Daisy are two siblings who love the pool, and their dad knows it. Each pup gets their own water float to spend the day drifting away.

It’s a nice day with two beautiful Golden Retrievers enjoying the pool. And credit to their dad who hilariously edits this video with some funny subtitles.

8. Pooch Wants Everyone Else’s Raft

Our dogs love to be around us no matter what. They’ll sit where you sit and lie down where you lie down, and it’s no different when you’re relaxing by the pool.

In this video, we see Milo as he swims around the pool with his human sisters. The ladies, laying on their own water floats, get a surprise when Milo tries to get on a float, too.

Being generous, one of the girls lets Milo have the float and goes to the other empty one. But Milo isn’t satisfied as he gets off his float and swims to his human sister to take hers again.

This goes to show how much our pups love us!

9. Boxers Cool Off

Everyone loves to go for a swim on a hot, sweaty day. These Boxers are no exception.

One of the Boxers jumps in for a quick lap around the pool. She swims around until we find her sister just calmly relaxing on one of the free water floats in the pool.

The swimmer dog finishes with her lap and jumps out, but her sister decides to keep relaxing on her float.

It must be one of those summer days to hang by the pool!

What do you think of these dogs floating in the pool? Does your dog like catching some sun and waves in the water? Let us know in the comments below!

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