Puppy shower favors

Handing out pink or blue doggie bandanas to arriving guests helps put everyone in the party mood, says Carmel Dog Parties owner Heidi Boriga.

To keep the good mood going long after the party’s over, send the guests home with goodie bags. Write the recipient’s name with a colored sharpie pen on a dog bone, and tie the bone to the bag handle with a ribbon. Here are some ideas for what to put inside:

Bake your own bones treat mix

This dog treat baking mix comes complete with bone-shaped cookie cutters and a doggie bandana. You can choose the treat flavor and color of the bandana.

Dog party treat gift bag

The rubber balls in this gift pack are decorated with canine words of wisdom (“Anything worth chewing is worth chewing well”; “Slobber happens”) as well as a yogurt-dipped cookie.

Ruff puppy teethers

For guests with their own puppies who are chewing them out of hearth and home, this puppy teether can be chilled in the fridge to soothe aching puppy gums.

Personalized wine bottles

For guests without a dog, consider a bottle of wine decorated with a picture of your pup.

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